Nero Miles

Remote.Red is run for and paid by sweat-equity and by myself. There is a cost to for the servers and domain. Any and all donations are greatly welcomed.

Allocation of Funds: Primary funds will go to our web hosting $245 and our domain $14. Any funds raised over that will fill our prudent reserve. Once our prudent reserve reaches $300, any further funds raised will go to the funding of an E-Book. If donations exceede the yearly operating cost, I will match donations and allocate personal funding into the E-Book account. Please send an email to the above account if you wish to be mentioned in your supporting of Remote.Red with proof of transaction and your display name.

Future Plans: It is Remote.Red's plan to issue a timeline statement for a proposed Remote Viewing Game to take place in the near future. Our proposed date of publication is June 5th 2020.

Status of Remote.Red: It is Nero Miles Wish to personlly fund the Remote.Red project out of pocket with no end-date in sight. With the current outlook of an on-going project, He sees no reason to stop funding the servers and plans to renew for 2021 despite the status of donations.

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