There are so many mysteries in the world and only so much time to discover them. Most of them are guarded, making it impossible to shead light on their true nature.

Life as we know it is not so much as it seems. There is a vast space in between the spaces of reality. Journey into the life, eyes, and perspective of a Remote Viewer as He publishes the logs and findings of his sojourns.

There is a calling that each and every one of us are drawn to at various times in our life. We revisit this calling numerous times throughout our days on the planet. I am recalling the Holy Grail as told through the story of Parcivel the Knight.

Mr. Miles is here to bring a new light to curiosities of today's and yesterday's world; with tales of secret government bases under our oceans to hidden Templar treasures, he is here to bring new life to the questions we ask. It is up to you, his readers, to determine how you see his findings through his logs. Claiming no intrinsic abilities, he has honed his study of Remote Viewing through the practice of meditation, psionics, and the esoteric arts. No one is restricted from engaging in the same exercises as him. These are his logs as he recalls and studies them.

”I have studied Psychology as an undergraduate and I can not, for the life of me, explain the phenomenon of Remote Viewing, Mass Consciousness, and other metaphysical subjects. The Law of Attraction has also been a focus of my study. Having read a plethora of books on the subject, I can only philosophically state that I am as firm of a believer in the area of study as I am in Remote Viewing. We are on the cusp of the new and final frontier, and it is not space; The human mind has eluded modern science, but has been highly prevalent in ancient cultures. Having practices Franz Bardon’s Initiation into Hermetics, the ancient Egyptians, the Lesser Key of Solomon, open focus meditation and focal point meditation, among other various subject area I can say that today’s society is losing touch. Ancient and a not-so-ancient man would take part in the study of the Tree of Life to better oneself. Today, we have self-help books that coincide with the teachings of Hermetics. However, those books end at the physical sphere and only venture casually into the spiritual. We are in desperate need of an awakening, and it starts with the individual working on his or her own self. That is what the essence of ancient magick was and still is today. The same is true for Psionics and the study of Remote Viewing. I have a kin towards the science of Psionics as it is based closer to the physical sphere than other branches and paths of esoteric studies. Study this science as an individual requires discipline, a clear mind and house, a set goal and directive, and a connection to our higher self. However, the field is so rooted in science, that terms like, “Higher-self” aren’t used, and it is replaced by the scientific method. We need only to look at Carl Jung and his through of a collective consciousness to explain Remote Viewing. We can even quantum physics to dive into the “Future Self” methodology of Remote Viewing through Time and Space. This field lends itself to a unique position in our world today, securing for itself its rightful spot in metaphysics and its fight into modern psychology. Let us research this field and further move it out of Parapsychology its associated term of “alleged” and into a more reputable phase of acknowledgment through its edification as a science of psychology. With just reasoning I feel and know that this is possible. With that, let experiment: Remote.Red be born and grandeur take hold as we move out of the DSM and into the final frontier."