The Law of Attraction


I have wanted to cover this subject area for sometime now. Having studied it for several years I feel that it does fit into Remote.Red. The Law of Attraction may not directly effect a Remote Viewing Session, but it does effect our way of life and the circumstances that we meet.

The Law of Attraction

Our future is completely within our control

During my studies of the Law of Attraction I came across two philosophical pieces. One was The Will to Believe, By William James, and the other covered the subject matter of the Butterfly Effect. In my studies of Remote Viewing, specifically, Associative Remote Viewing (ARV), we are faced with our future selves. What better metaphysical science to study than one that aims its goal at changing your future self in there here and now.

Similar to Remote Viewing, the Law of Attraction requires avid attention to meditation and visualization. Studying the Law of Attraction and practicing it in your daily life will help to sharped your mind. Think if working out your mind like your would your body at a gym. You lift weights, break down muscles, and then your body repairs itself in a stronger state. Your mind is also a muscle. Yes, it is imperative to prefrom routine Remote Viewing Sessions to strengthen your skills, but you can also strengthen your Will Power by engaging in the Law of Attraction.

With this I propose a psychological experiment, my hypothesis, “Practicing the Law of Attraction in your daily life will not only better your life, but will enhance your Remote Viewing skills.” We can test this theory by having a control group train only in traditional Remote Viewing areas of the mind. Then, our second group, we introduce a the Law of Attraction way of life on top of their Remote Viewing training. I surmise that the variable group, the group studying the Law of Attraction in addition to Remote Viewing training will be more successful.

Why is this? The Law of Attraction requires a great deal of trust and belief in oneself and a universal energy from which and by which all things reside. (Wallace D. Wattles – The Master Key System). It is in this, “Thinking Substance” that all consciousness lives. It is in this theory that Carl Jungs Mass Consciousness stems from. It is also here where we have the ability to Remote View. The only variable being Time. The same is also true for the Law of Attraction. When you visualize what you want you will manifest your desire in the material after action is taken along certain paths and time is added to the equation.

How is this so? Visualize a cup of coffee. See it as a Remote Viewing would focus on his or her coordinates. Feel the cup in your hands, feel the heat radiating. If you don’t pour yourself a cup of coffee, you will be offered one by the universe through the action of other people. Your mind is always emitting a frequent, what is it emitting are the thoughts on your mind. By changing this frequency we can change the conditions with which we meet in life. We can even sync up with Remote coordinates to view a desired location. I even use this frequency to attempted communication with Alien Beings. This is known and is fact to those who study the Law of Attraction, just as factual as Remote Viewing is as a science.

I can recommend for Beginners, “The Secret” as an entry level book or movie. Further reading, I would recommend, The Magic of Believing, and The Master Key System. William Jame’s The Will to Believe is also an excellent essay on belief systems. Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit is another great and in depth piece. To date, I have only been able to get through the preface. Time has passed and my mind has sharped. It seems that this piece is a good goal for me for 2020. I will do a post about it in the near future.

We must train our minds at every waking moment of every day.

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