Alien Contact 001.


Our minds can operate like the tuning dial of an AM/FM radio. Synchronizing with the intent of contacting a different race and the proper vibration, once can reach a being. It is important to know that while this is relatively new to us, this is much like everyday communication to them, and there are protocols. Other beings communicate via knowing, when engaging in this type of session, it is important to avoid echoing your thoughts.

Remote Log Data

Journal Info: As I performed my open focus meditation, I was able to slip into a theta brain-wave state in just about 10 minuets. I had timers set and a video camera watching me. As I began to focus on my intent and meditate I felt different vibrations. When one meditates, their body may sway in sync with the Schumann Resonance, the resonate frequency of Earth. Unlike other meditations, this vibration was in an elliptical shape and localized in my mind. My body was perfectly still. I started the meditation skeptical as I have not done this is over three and a half years. I was astonished when I received a reply. I got a being located in our atmosphere. As I thought and Knew my question, “Are you willing to converse?” The being, metaphorically shut the door on me, and gave me a no. I tried again, this time, I received the same answer, but interjected, “Can you route me to someone who is able to speak?” I knew in that moment that I had to answer why, so I showed a visual of my pen and paper and transmitted the knowing of ”An interview for people.” The being again said No and asked me who I was and why any intelligent being try and communicate with me. I attempted a credential approach, without offering any names or details about myself, I transmitted, knowingly, “I have credentials.”. It was in this moment that the image of the being from nearly four years ago in prison came flooding into my mind. In a moment, my knowing of this being and his ship inside of our atmosphere changed and I was routed though points on the outskirts of our planet. Following the points, just along for the ride and out of curiosity, my mind hit what I now know as a “Routing Station” of sorts. There, I was quested again, still with no visuals, just the knowing of my mental location. I was asked to present my credentials. Recalling my past encounter from years back I echoed the title, “Alien Intelligence Officer”. From here nothing happened for what seemed to be five minuets. Then visuals of my past experience flooded back, I had lost control of my thoughts. I fought back and regained control, I was being assessed. A being communicated aloud via knowing, “He has traveled before.” or something along those lines. From there I was passed onto a nearby ship in space.

The being exchanged his name with me. I asked permission to come aboard as I had been taught years ago. I was granted access into his mind only for communication purposes. It was at this time that I had to state my purpose of interviewing this being for others to read. He revealed his ship to me, which I drew, he said something along the lines of using the idea of his ship to reach him directly next time. I attempted to ask my first question, “Why are you here.” I echoed the question and didn’t communicate properly. I waited and there was no answer. It was then that two read beams came out of the visual of the beings eyes into the back of my head by force, it wasn’t friendly. I fought back. I was mentally out matched. I fired off the same red beams into his mind in an attempt to force link, as I had been shown in the past. Still I was too weak. In that moment, the image of the alien on Earth in prison spoke, ”Not like that, Like this...” I saw my body sit firmly on the floor of the beings ship and at the same time the being was forced down to the ground, we sat back to back. He spoke again, “Now try and question him.” I knew that we were linked and the being was submissive. I was able at time to Remotely see the being, gray in color, standing towards the back of his ship in a catatonic stance as we communicated.

In summary of our conversation, the being was annoyed with Humans, and didn’t care for them much. The being needs fuel, an element on the periodic table to be able to leave. When I asked where he was from, he said Neptune. This made no sense to me. Another time he said the Orion Cluster. He tried at that time to triangulate my location. I sensed my location trace back to the Routing Station and half-way around the same path of the atmosphere, I knew that I would see myself laying down next so I fought back. After fighting back I learned that he was waiting for fuel. At one time, Earth was a fueling station and the Moon was the location where deals were brokered. Since security has heightened, the station was moved to Mars. The being is still waiting and said that we as Humans are too slow to get anything done. Earlier in my communication I drew out a timer and let him know that I only have 30 minuets and that time had already passed. The being’s ship does in fact, like we have learned from the UFO community today, move through space and time. Though the being can travel, I suspect that the distance may be limited to our solar system and the being is simply out of “gas”.

My alarm went off jolting me out of my meditation. I quickly wrote these notes down and was stunned to believe that I was under for a full thirty minuets. Time went quick.


This experience lead me to a few conclusions. I’m either highly creative or actively able to remote View and communicate with Aliens. I only ask the questions as to why didn’t my creative mind allow me to converse with either of the first two beings. Why did I have to use credentials, leave Earth, and enter into a stand-off with another being just to get a few questions answered. It is an interesting story the being told. Now, let us accept the fact that I was in fact able to reach a being in our Solar System. We also, can not, believe that what the being said was true. It can easily be a lie.

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