I want to set forth my vision and goals for 2020 for Remote.Red and my practices. From my studies on goal setting, I find it paramount to work in reverse from goals. With that in mind, I will be starting one year out, 2021 and then driving my plan home for this year of Remote.Red.

Year At A Glance

In 2021 Remote.Red will hold 12 key new and accurate Remote Viewing Logs.

Monthly: On the last Saturday of every month I will engage in a Controlled Remote Viewing session. Each session will begin with the same guided “Open Focus Meditation” that I have transcribed in the Archives of Remote.Red. After each session, the results of that session will be published online. Each session will be identical to adhere to the strict rules of experimentation. The variable of each session will be the target. If I am to revisit a Target, it will occur on the second week of any given month and be classified as a training session, not an official Remote Viewing Session.

Weekly: Each week I will publish a new post on Saturday. The subject matter of the posts may vary to how the weeks work went. I will practice and meditate without Remote Viewing a minimum of three times a week. On Wednesdays I will engage in Marketing and PR for Remote.Red.

Daily: Each day I will continue to partake in an Associative Remote Viewing (ARV) exercise. Each day I will research and read one thing about Remote Viewing.


Mission: I am looking to accomplish a scientific journal online to fill 2020 with reputable data on Remote Viewing. My second goal is to excite my readers and encourage them to join project, Remote.Red by partaking in similar practices themselves. I want to leave the readers of Remote.Red with not just the truth through Remote Viewing, but with a new way of life. I want people to feel better when they visit Remote.Red, and learn a thing or two new about themselves or about life during their time on the site. Remote.Red is a way of life. Imagine, knowing the outcome of what lies behind each corner in life you encounter. I will bring my knowledge to you, so that you may grow in your studies as I have done.

Vision: Remote.Red is a popular blog that is frequented often as a resource and trove of information and science. Remote.Red will help grow the community and open the minds of new adepts and practitioners. Remote.Red will grow, change, and adapt as the community and demand grows.


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