I am starting Remote.Red to publish my Remote Viewing journals as a practice the science. I personally feel that this science should be classified as a “Practice”. Think of doctors and lawyers, each has a practice. They practice medicine and practice law. We are a community that practices remote viewing. The longer the track record, and the more time practicing the better one is. However, in this practice, we learn from when we are wrong, we grow and adapt. It is imperative to our nature.


Remote.Red, as a domain name, was chosen following the new .Red blog domain names. That and, $1,000+ for Remote.Com wasn’t a viable option at this time, and Remote.View doesn’t exist yet. I purchased a basic HTML/CSS blog template for our site. Something that is secure and simple to maintain so that I can post with ease weekly and not have any worries. Coding and the structure of coding calms my mind, I enjoy it. This also may be why I have taken a liking towards Remote Viewing.

Remote Viewing wasn’t my 1st area of study, it was actually the metaphysical art of Psionics. While studying and practicing the latter, my path lead me to Astral Projection and finally, Remote Viewing. I failed miserably for month after month when I first began. My mind was weak and the subject matter was to new to me, plus I was young. I was in my early High School years. After numerous failures, I moved on to more Esoteric studies; the Tree of Life, Hermetics, and Elementalism. I found more structure there and better guides. The internet, at the time, was lacking on subject matter regarding Remote Viewing. Later, I learned that I didn’t have a difficulty Remote Viewing, but rather that my deficit lay in my ability to relax and trust my “gut” instinct. After years of reading and studying meditation and Esoteric Paths, I found my ability to relax increase ten fold. I began to have lucid dreams and the ability to take control. Upon revisiting Remote Viewing some years later, and after honing my visual and instinctual abilities, along with meditation and a clear mind, I was able to view remote locations. On once such occasion I attempted to view a secret underground facility. Upon viewing the entrance to this facility, I hit a brick wall. My learned ability stopped. Was I in need of more training? Why has my mind stopped here, can’t I just imagine and create something with my brain? It was almost as if I was frozen, and blocked from viewing behind the door. I had never experienced this before. After I returned to a waking state and recalled my experience, I was baffled. I attempted to speculate with my imagination on what could be behind the door, and now I could with ease, use my imagination. However, this wasn’t Remote Viewing, it was my mind. This experience posed the question to me, “Can a Remote Viewer be blocked?” My passion was re-ignited and I began to hone my skills more frequently.

In 2016 I took a several year respite from Remote Viewing, mainly after my alien encounter experience and my change in careers. Psychology as a major didn’t suit my passion, so I switched to technology. My mind was sharp, landing me a 4.0 in school. There was a brief time during 2016 that I practiced the Thoth Tarot and card prediction, which can be viewed as a sort of Associative Remote Viewing (ARV) technique of predicting the future. However, I didn’t dabble much deeper. In 2018 I reconnected with Crystal Meditation, vibrations, and such. Throughout the years of 2016-2018 I worked on my self and my habits, and traits. I was working on mastering the sphere, Malkuth, on the Tree of Life, the physical and material world. Cleaning house here allowed me to free my mind of clutter for the long haul, much akin to meditation of the day’s clutter. It was during 2018 that I restarted my study of the Law of Attraction by reading works such as, “The Master Key System” by Charles F. Haanel, “The Secret” by Rhonda Bryne, “The Magic of Believing” by Claude Bristol, and “The Will to Believe” by William James. Coupled with nightly meditations I would record my experiences with the science and my results.

Aside from living in Malkuth, in the physical world, strange occurrences began to happen. I would have bouts of ESP while I was awake, living my life. I learned to listen to my “gut” and trust my instinct. When I acted on my feelings in the matter of events yet to occur, but about to, I found myself to be right, and it was scary. I had forgotten about my studys’ and works of my past. The residue of my skills were left over and trying to tell me something, so I listened. I would know when people where thinking about me, when small events were about to occur, when monumental decisions needed to be made. I rose to each occasion having had the time to mentally prepare for each one. To me, it all became second nature, a part of who I am. Oh, so and so is thinking about me, let me reach out, “Hey, funny you should call, I was just thinking about you.” I just acted on instinct and dismissed each and every occurrence as a by product of my mental acuity and thought nothing more of it.

My skills that I had practiced were screaming at me, trying to get my attention. I had to listen more and I had to keep a record. Many people today say, “The universe works in mysterious ways.” and they leave it at that. I look at the timeline of life like a series of events. Think, if you travel back in time and step on an ant the whole future changes because of your impact. When you look from the perspective of the future back to the present moment, you are back in time and you can change the future. Posed the with ability to have the decision, should I step over the ant, I do. However, like a chess player, as I’m about to step over the ant, I can see and relate events in a chain. If I step over this ant, my future outcome will change to equal X. Due to the fact that I stepped over the ant and that I’m now standing at Y, I will be valued more. I have no idea how, that is the mystery of it. Moments later, I scan the room and notice a the remote to the heat. Had I killed the ant, the remote would not be in sight. Do I offer to adjust the temperature or say nothing? Which outcome brings me closer to my auto-vision? Let’s be a friend and ensure that the atmosphere is comfortable.

I can live life on autopilot or choose to view the chains of events of the universe, effect them, and see a desired outcome. Why live life and let it pass me by when I can have an impact of my well being and the well being of others.

Another strange and noteworthy ability I have come to realize, and I say ability as I have not developed this to my knowledge is that I can tell when death is coming. It’s quite amazing and scary as can be. The only rational explaination is a Psychological Disorder known as Cotard’s Delusion. This delusion states that the patient can not discern if he is dead of alive. In advanced cases, the patient may starve him or herself and imagine visually that their skin is falling off. With myself, I get an overwhelming feeling that I am dead, and have passed on. Running on the treadmill for 3 hours and triggering Runner High, also triggers this feeling. However, when I am in situations with a person, having a casual conversation, this overarching feeling comes about me. This feeling occurred when a family member was close to me. Having learned the extent of this feeling I was faced with two options, “It’s mild cotard’s delusion, ignore it.” or “You’re seeing the future, intervene.” I chose the latter and intervened. That family member is now healthier than ever. Had I ignored it, their situation may have been different. If felling also takes hold when I am in environments where drugs and alcohol are flowing freely. One minute I’ll be relaxing at a lounge and the next, I’ll succumb to panic attack brought on with a feeling of death. I learn to trust these feelings now as I don’t drink or partake in mind-altering substances. The feeling will occur and I will notice that someone is not in the right state of mind and has gone too far. ”Is this my subconscious, did I see them, count their drinks and observe them pop a pill from my peripheral vision, or is there more going on behind the scenes.” I try and stay away from certain environments, but I don’t want to live in a shell.

In 2019 I began to revisit my past studies. My fiance suggested that I explore and publish my alien encounter online, on YouTube. Blindly accepting the fact, I felt that it could be therapeutic and revealing. I didn’t see how at the time, but I trusted and went forward with the idea. Once I was on Twitter the topic of Remote Viewing was suggested to me. It was time to dive back in. Since then, I have been developing this blog and doing research on the subject. The internet has changed since I first studied Remote Viewing. My old resources are no longer live web-pages. My new resources are charging money for courses. I had amassed a trove of research and data on the subject for me to study in my spare time and then apply my studies. I have also been warmed welcomed by the UFO community and have been given even more research and books to read to better explain my Alien Encounter.

How does this all relate to Remote Viewing? I want to give you a look into who I am spiritually and the work I’ve done on myself and its outcomes so that you, the reader, can better gauge my Remote logs as I publish them. I have much work to do and I am excited to do so. I’ve learned a lot since 2016, but mainly, never to take the easy way out. It’s way too easy and a sin against myself to coast through life ignoring the signs that are around and inside of me. God willing I had a dream I was at my own funeral yesterday morning, but in dream analysis, this signifies the death or an end of a phase a life and should be rejoiced as a new beginning.

Maybe we are the “Men who Stare at Goats”, but each Remote Viewer has a story and his or her own story will in fact play a part in their work.

So what is Remote.Red? It’s all the thoughts in my head that I won’t tell you when I meet you face to face. It’s the thousand different chess moves being played out in my head. It’s what’s behind a friendly hello to someone who looks down and out on life. It’s what’s hidden behind sealed doors, both internally and externally. It’s a new life and a new way of life.

Ever get angry at someone who crossed you? Why feel that anger, forgive it. For that person who made you angry is going through something ten times as worse as you are, and they don’t have the tools to cope with it. Never the less, if we carry the anger into a Remote Viewing session, that door we look into in the secret UFO Bunker, will reveal nothing more than the fact that we are angry. I come to you with a message to live peacefully, so that we can enjoy the fruits of a peaceful life and a clear emotional conscious that allows us to see the truth that to today, remained hidden. Unlock your mind, and follow me into 2020 as I dive into the deep-end of Remote Viewing as a science.

About Nero Miles:

Nero Miles is an avid reader of Esoteric Books, in addition to books on but not limited to: Positive Mental Attitude (PMA), Business Development, Personal Development, Motivation, Philosophy, Spy Novels, Mystery, and more. He also own and operates his own business and pledges to maintain this blog so long as it serves a purpose to its readers. He is also a tech-nerd and former gamer. When he is not making a living or building his business, he is enjoying life with his fiance and soon to be wife. Mr. Miles pledges to finish his degree is Psychology in the coming years as he is displeased with incomplete endeavors. When inspiration strikes, you can find him writing fiction on his laptop. He takes what he publishes seriously, and wants to ensure that he never strays off base.