The Alien Mind.


It occured to me, that after my 1st alien encounter experience I could attempt to remotely communicate with the being I saw in my "lucid state" via identifiable features through remote viewing. This is how I recall that experience.

Remote Log Data

Journal Info: I can not recall to many details, however I do recall a sealed jail door with a rectangular slit. Behind it peering through the opening was a tall green being not of this world. He was not welcoming at first, and knew I there. Scared I attempted contact and began to ask the being questions. I can not recall the questions. I can not recall the answers. However, what I can recall in the subsequent days were a series of “unmanned” remote viewing sessions. I was not focusing on any anchor points, and they came at me like dreams that were not welcomed. They were vivid and physical. I equate them to an abduction of the 5th Kind. I am left today with the experience I shared on YouTube. Looking back at these events, I can see them as the captains log of a captured being. Transmitted to me was his story. This is one theory I have to explain what I experienced. The other two, I was abducted and trained as an inter-being “officer” of sorts. The other, I was abducted and lied to, pleasant and excited images were played in my mind as I was experimented on. I still do not know to this day and will continue to see answers.


My findings of this encounter are as follows. I can say that I attempted one true Remote Viewing sessions. The subsequent nights were not of my control. They occurred close to me each night. Upon contact with this being, this strange phenomenon began to occur. I can say that binge watching TV could have played on my subconsciousness and that I was dreaming. However, I can theorize this away by stating that I continued to binge watch the same way and the encounters at one point did stop. I still have the image of the anchor point engrained in my memory and I will attempt another Remote session with this alleged being in the coming weeks.

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